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Content Creator and Innovation Consultant. My writing focuses on the joys of learning and the value of creativity.
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Let me help you out

I recently had correspondence with a high schooler who was looking into working in the Podcasting Industry. I realized the more we chatted, the more assumptions I had made about what newcomers — especially young people — actually know about what it takes to create a podcast.

Surely, the generation who created the viral world of TikTok would also have the confidence to jump into the world of podcasting blindly, right!?

Well if you, too, are having reservations, are unsure how to begin, or basically just have some basic gaps in your understanding of the industry, here are 5 questions…

3 Factors That Non-Designers Must Look For When Choosing a Digital Design Tool
3 Factors That Non-Designers Must Look For When Choosing a Digital Design Tool
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In the new digital age, it is imperative that the average professional within any field has basic design knowledge. Therefore, when looking for a digital editing tool, one must look for these three must-have features.

1. Popularity

The most famous editing tools also will have the most reviews and ratings on the internet. Therefore, this makes one’s learning curve much easier to flatten because of the plethora of resources at one’s disposal.

2. Phone and Tablet Application

Similar to popularity, editing tools must be at your disposal wherever you are. For some, working on their phone is a much more…

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Here’s the thing…

Most college students make a goal to get a job right after they graduate that could pay well enough to support themselves living alone. Then, when they are in their twenties and have the dream job, but finally understand that they live in an expensive city, they make the new goal to earn a promotion that pays well enough for them to live on their own.

To put it simply, a lot of 25 year-old’s join the work hustle to get to a place where they can avoid roommates.

I had that. I was making 2X my…

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Ever heard the phrase “Once in a Blue Moon”, which means that something happens rarely? Well, I decided to write this post today because on October 31st, 2020, there will be a Blue Moon, Mercury in retrograde and a few other alignments that make for a truely spooky Halloween. I can’t stress enough, also with the U.S. election so close to this disasterous date for communication, that things will not go our way! Confusion and miscommunication will be our enemies. Read on about why astology is so helpful for navigating our daily life, especially as times will be getting trickier.

The Stigma.

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Most people use YouTube as a great source of entertainment, but these four women also use YouTube as a learning resource.

These YouTubers all come from different backgrounds, but what they have in common is their ability to inspire viewers to live confidently and health conscience.

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I am a woman who wears many hats. I have creativity spilling out of me within various focuses of innovation. I am constantly trying to harness the power of my own creative mind and curiosity.

However, this does not mean I am perfect, nor does it suggest that I know what I’m doing.

What I do know is that I need to set myself up for success by setting aside time to practice creative development and source my innovation through creative inspiration and basic commercial awareness.

Manage Moments in Your Day to Specify Creativity

I wake up in the morning…

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I have always struggled with my body image. As a tween, I remember asking my mother, “Why can’t I be skinny?”. Her response was, “You won’t ever be, your bone structure doesn’t work that way, and that’s okay”. She was right, but of course, as a tween, nothing your mother can say is right.

I would go on for years talking down to myself in the mirror. And as many of us women have experienced, we look back at our younger selves in pictures and realize “Damn, I looked fantastic! Why did I waste so much time hating myself?”


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Most people say that the best way to prepare a sweet potato is to poke some holes in it and throw it in the microwave for 4–7 minutes. This is the way I enjoyed them for years.


I learned this trick from my best friend/roommate's aunt who used to co-own a BBQ joint. (Isn’t this the way it always goes…a friend of a friend of a friend...) I swear, this was the best sweet potato I had ever eaten; smooth in texture, sweeter then any I had had before and no need for any additions to enhance the flavor.

Maybe It’s Poetry, Maybe It’s My Quarter-Life-Crisis

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The truth is, I wish I understood the key to success. I wish I had the marketing background that gives me the skills to write something that everyone wants to read. I want to write something that inspires and connects to the heart of my readers, something that makes them want to come back for more.

The truth is, I want to find that writer. Of course, I find inspiration from those that I follow online, from authors of books that I love to read, from the conversations I have with friends and…

A Love Letter to Those Stranded from Their Loved Ones

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As my friend drove toward the exit for Terminal 4 of JFK, I took a deep breath. I have never been the type to take risks. “Be afraid of everything” is the phase that comes to mind.

This was my upbringing.

Having two protective parents, I had grown up with the mentality to think before you act, always be skeptically optimistic, and do not — under any circumstance — underestimate the surprises in the world. …

Rob Yonkers

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